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Hand knotted rugs

Pure wool rugs from around the world, traditional hand knotted and contemporary designs from John Young Furnishings, Keswick

Rugs are made in many regions of the world, from Turkey and China to India and Morocco.

Our rug collection is carefully sourced and includes traditional hand knotted designs as well as more contemporary styles. From fine Wilton carpets to exotic tribal rugs, our collections are sourced from the finest importers and dealers around the world and we only select those that have exceptional wool quality and used superior dyes to enhance the colours.

Afghan, Turkish and Indian are all synonymous with the traditions of quality hand knotted or hand tufted rug production. Oriental hand knotted rugs make up a large part of our collection. Choose from rustic Tribal rugs made by the nomadic Beluchi people or other weavers who produce more intricate and sophisticated rugs, each one with its own regional stamp.

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