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Animals Aplenty Here At John Young’s!

Animals aplenty here at John Young’s!

We love our animals here at John Young’s – perhaps a little too much! When you visit our showrooms you will understand completely what we mean. Every few steps you take you will be greeted by badgers, cows, sheep, owls, deer, foxes, frogs, butterflies, dogs, squirrels, horses, mice – the list goes on! Whether you want some lovely creatures just to look at, sit on or even keep draughts at bay and hold doors open for you there is bound to be something to suit your tastes. So why not pop in and see what we have to offer. All animals are in need of a loving, caring home.

Duck print, wooden frame.
imitation, bronze, rhinos, ornaments, mother, baby,
Terrier print, wooden frame.
Hare print, wooden frame.
Hippo seat, faux leather,
doorstop, dora, draught, excluder, highland, cow
Robin, holly, cushion.
ram, seat,
elephant, rhino, seats, faux, leather
Hare, doorstop, dora,
stag, tartan, cushion,
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